Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2010 Michigan Recruiting: Devin Gardner -- Quarterback

Devin Gardner from Inkster high school in Inkster, Michigan.

CoachBt/ErocWolverine quick comments: He is an outstanding athlete with a very high ceiling. Has very strong arm with quick feet and runs well for his size. His mechanics need some work and he has a very low release point on his passes.


Alexander said...

it would be great to get this kid, hes been compared to a vince young. wasn't vince an ok college player?

Anonymous said...


No, Vince Young was a TX college player.

Benny said...

Vince Young took for years too be good and almost win the Highsman. He wood half too if Reggie Ball didn't cheet and Pete Carol wasn't the top guy at USC.

Anywayz, we need players to be good now. We don't have time for Devin Young to be grate in for years. Tate Forcier will be good this year, and probably the year after that too. He is good looking, on film, two.

Fred said...

Benny, I agree that we need players to be good, but not just good but CHAMPIONS! Plus, Tate-Force-One said he wants to be like Colt McCoy. Think about it man! T-F-1 and DEVIN(CE) "Young" GARDNER rotating out there in the Big House! Teams come to the Big House (HOME OF THE LEADERS AND BEST!), see how awesome it is and intemidating it is, and they could be playing at NIGHT with ELECTRICTY in the air and the crowd rowring, but then they got to play Coltate and Devince! Just IMAGINE it! I think this is what Bo and Mo and Lloyd would of wanted. I think they would think it would be REDICULOUS!

Benny said...


Mitch Albom is one of the best sports righters of the 19th century. He covered the Faboolus Five from start to finish. They where his boys. Ray Jackson gave him a hug.

I dont meen to sound angree, but knight games are aginst every thing that Michigan stands four. Victor. Leaders and BEST. Those who stay!

Fred said...

I just don't think Bo understood how AWESOME it would be. ALL THE PLAYERS WANT IT! SHAZOR, MASSEQUOY, LENTZ! Those are all MICHIGAN MEN! CHAMPIONS! And you might have Album from the Detroit News, but I have Daniel Bremmer and he wrotes for the MICHIGAN DAILY. You just got to THINK about it man. It would be CRAZY! It would be tottally worth it to have one.

I don't mean to be offensev but you probably want to just sit there and say to everyone "Hey just sit there. I can't see. Your being too loud." but you don't hear with your eyes, you SEE WITH YOUR EYES. And that's what I'm asking you to do man, IMAGINE what it would look like!

There's so many other places that do it, and we should do it like them because they've done it really good. Do you want to be like Noter Lame? They only play under the sun. Have you been to a PSU game? It's ELECTRIC!

Don't you remmeber teh OT in teh Big House (HOME OF CHAMPTIONS!)? PSU '02? Braylon's catch in '04? Mario's catch in '05? They were all under the LIGHTS! The crowd was CARAZY! then. Why? Because it was under the LIGHTS at NIGHT! We win games then man! Just like teh rennovations, I guarantee that we would go UNDEFEATED in the Big House (BUILT BY YOST!) if we played at night.

What is wrong with you man? I just don't get you. Sorry man, but I though you were cool, like a Michigan Man and such.

Benny said...

Fred, you're words are arrows and haev pearced my hart. I find it hard to ebelieve that you could attack me so negatevely. What did I say? I no like knight games? Knight games are nice for hs football in your back yeard. But Michigan Satdium is not in your backyard. Unless it is, cuz that would be awesome. In hs I played under the lights. The year was 1997, and we won the state championship under the lights. Same yaer as Michigan (I KNOW!!!1) I was as happy as a bare in a cave. All cuddled up inside and warm with my furr. Thats how I was. Furry. But that was it for Knight games. No knight game coul dever top that last knight game. Michigan is better than hs football and let me have my mamories and football at knight at my own backyard.

Anonymous said...

Devin Gardner would make night games so intimidating. He can throw football good. Will he wear a radio in his helmet to take signals from coach eRod? That seems to be the going thing now. With him and Tait in the backfield we be gooder than last year. I see 9 wins easily. Maybe 11.

Anonymous said...

Eroc..why the hell are you allowing these assholes "Fred and Benny" to ruin the comments section....its quite clear that they are bullshitting...wouldn't be surprised if they are an affiliate of a certain "communist themed M blog"..please lets try to keep the trash away!!

Benny said...

Anonymous - you cant even use you're real name when insulting mine. For your know-ledge communism was a menice on the earth in the 50's. Josef McCarthy then tride to get rid of communism by sending them to prison. It worked for a while. I am just trying to comment on football. MICHIGAN! Football. It is my pashun and love.

Thank you erocwolverine and coachBt for allowing me to post on you're eblog.

Fred said...

OK a couple of things

First Benny Im sorry my words was like arrows and hurt you and i didnt mean to attack you. that’s not what Michigan football is about and we are all Michigan fans here. In the earlier post you said that muggings and rape would be bad and I AGREE! But I think the AD should just TRY a night game. I just think a night game would be really great, like a FIGHT IN THE NIGHT! or something like that. its like you said about night games, its like its in HS or in your backyard like Friday night Lights or something. Theirs a purety to it. THATS why I think it would get the crown PUMPED

Second, Anonymous I don’t get you. I didnt call you names and i didn’t call Benny names, so why are you calling me an a-hole? because i want a night game? Because im excited about Tate and Garnder? Isnt that what Michigan football is all about to get excited? aren’t you excited? How am I ruining the comments talking about Michigan football this is a Michigan football BLOG? like I said to Benny, we are Michigan fans here. I’m not trying to start a fight. We should be fighting with the notre lame fans and tO$U fans not Michigan fans.

Third anonymous what the heck does comunism have to do with football or Michigan football? I voted for Mccain. I agree with Alex that gardner looks like vince young in that clip and tate says he thinks he’s colt Mccoy. that gets me EXCITED. why wouldn’t that get you excited? you even posted above that night games with Gardner would be intemidating! and Garnder and Tate would just make us better, so I don’t understand why you then post that im an a-hole and trash. Peace man

And erocwolverine and coachBt, you have a really good blog that I like, but if anonymous is going to hate on people here its not going to be much fun.

Benny said...

Devin Young mite commit to BIG BLUE on MOnday. If he doesn't, do we want him? I mean, wood we keep going after him? That's a question for eroc mostly. But if Devin Young does commit then we our set on Qbs for the future and the now. That would be special four sure.

Thanks for the apologize Fred. You are a good man, at leest you use you're real name on eblog postings.

BlueTommy said...

Benny: I hope Devon Gardener coms Blue Mundayy too. He seems like good guy, good morales and likes to play under lites. Too bad he goes to Stinkster, that school is a ceasepul of crimies and rapers. Have you even seen OZ? Inkster like that, lots of Adibeyses running around with nifers and funny hats. That mazerman guy says we need deep at qbs, apparetnly coner is shallow or sumthing.

Fred: I relly like "Fight in Night" slogan. We can get AAPD swat to set off smoke grenades, so where even cooolerist than those crazy Miami guys running out tunnel to mad jams and smokeyfaces. You sed leaders and best...who else use swAt to help out pregaming rituals? Nobodies...LEADERS AND BETS!

Anonymous: If thats rilly yore name, nots all uf us have money$ for the Beaver Scouts or Wolverine's CB inforing. Not everall of us go to Tre$$ll school of bringl bling. We rely on the e-pinoins of EROCK and Btcoach and maizeman to keep up with the teams we love and now.

Jenny said...

hey guyz, if devin gradener doesnt come 2 micnhigan i think he sucks

Benny said...

eroc and coachBt are both giving us such a service. Even maizman when he is around two. We our really lucky to be reading there eblog and following them on a grate jurney.

Speaking of Jurney. I was in a bar the other day when "Don't Stop Beeleeving came on and all them kids sang that song and where screeming and dancing. It was sumething to see. Jurney isnot my type of music thou. I througherely enjoy that song thou.

Devin Young's comitment will be huge both for the football team but areselves to. He is a fushure big man on campus and he will definitely be a Victor or the best.

Jenny said...

jurney is a good band they sang about detroit in that song my dad luves lolol

i think eroc and coachbt and sometimes even maizeman are great n i think i wud gladly pay 2 read them if i had a job

Benny said...

Jurneys singer sounds a bit lick a girl but he has super voce. I wunder if Devin Young can sing. That wood be soo cool at mockrock? Mockrock was best when Pettway dunked onstage then did his wrap aboot the bball team. They almost did good that year. Kortnee Simms misses dunk verses OSU and they loose. That was sad!

Alexander said...

its official, he committed today, according to rivals

ErocWolverine said...


Yep heard rumbling about this on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning it was leaked out to a few groups and then the Detroit News released it today from Devin's coach.

Anonymous said...

I am a wolverine fan and Devin Gardner would be an amazing pick up. I hear all he is waiting for is his basketball season to end and then he is announcing he is committed to UofM.
Also, I don't mean to offend anyone but seriously, where did the people posting on this blog learn to spell? I have never seen so many spellling and gramatical errors in my life. Sorry but it is pathetic.

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