Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mailbag Question: Defensive and recruiting question since the Talbott recruiting

Coach and Eroc,

Well now that the Talbott brothers have committed are you guys feeling better about the defensive recruiting or more worried with players Michigan is getting now?

Fred B.


Thanks for the question.

We are happy that Michigan has added two defensive recruits. We are also happy that they are at positions of need: defensive line and the secondary.

We like that the Talbott brothers are both very good athletes who run very well. The fact that both are high motor, physical, football players just adds to the package.

One concern is the overall size of Michigan’s defense. How well will this type of defense stand up against some of the power running games featured in the Big Ten, and even Notre Dame, for the entire year? Previously, in the Big East, Coach Rod had to face true power offenses (with a light defense) only a couple of times per season.

It is possible Michigan's quickness and athletic ability could overcome this concern. We just prefer the type of defense used by LSU, USC, and others that feature one or two big defensive tackles that control the middle of the line and give an inside push that can stop the power running game, while forcing offenses to adjust to what the defense is doing.

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With regards to the "big-bodied" DTs. Do you think Campbell/Martin fit this mold?

Also, do you think a guy like Hankins would be a better body-type for that role? If so, do you think not offering him and taking him in this class is a mistake?

ErocWolverine said...

WOLVERINENWV: In my opinion I believe that Coach Barwis might of had just about as much of vote on whether or not to offer Hankins.

In this program Barwis will be able to tell if he believes a kid can make it through the program. The problem with most "bigger guys" is making through the summer and all the running.

Some will make it and some will not.

Regarding Campbell and Martin I believe they will become the big bodied or what big of a body Michigan will go after from here on out.

Michigan is looking for speed, athleticism, and being able to make quick reactions.

We thought Michigan might have went after several other players, but those players decided to go elsewhere or no longer have Michigan listed. Do not know if the Michigan coaches backed off or the kids decided Michigan was not for them.

Have to remember in this new type of defense under Coach Robinson they have to sell to kids where they might play and that this defense will be around along with the coaches. They have went through three defensive coordinators in the past three years and kids are being aware of that and sure other schools are telling kids that as well that they are changing their system every year and you might not fit into their defense once you become a junior or senior.

coachbt said...

Martin is definitely the type of big athletic player we like inside. Campbell has the potential to be this type of player.

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