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Michigan Football Tidbits: Early Thoughts - Part 2

Michigan Football Tidbits: Early Thoughts - Part 2

11) Have we mentioned lately how much we really respect Coach Frey as an offensive line coach. He is really good at what he does.

12) Depending on if Ricky Barnum can get healthy the first offensive linemen off the bench could be Rocko Khoury. Another Michigan kid?

13) Quinton Washington has stated he wanted to play as a freshman. Forget it, he needs a ton of work and think he is starting to understand that. But, the kid is huge and Barwis openly likes to talk about how Q. Washington will be the kid who makes the most progress from year one to year two.

14) Just in ... Stonum has had back to back decent practices including making a very tough catch over the middle while getting slammed by Michael Williams. Competition is a wonderful thing.

15) Just can't get over the Denard Robinson stuff. If the goal is to get best players on the field, it is really amazing to see him take off and seemingly play with people as he runs. Think he may be the fastest kid at Michigan at least in the past ten years.

Think D. Robinson is one of those talents who could play quarterback, running back, slot receiver, wide receiver, or cornerback and do any of them effectively. The key is get him the ball.

They want D. Robinson to spend as much time as possible at quarterback.

16) What worry about? Defending the run. Now maybe defending our offense will makes us better, but we see this as our biggest weakness.

17) Okay know we should not do this, but recruiting is the lifeline of any top college program. And we can argue all we want about star system, but again, we will repeat it is the coaches themselves and Barwis especially who continues to say that the advantage of being at Michigan is they can go after "higher rated kids" and Barwis in almost every one of his speeches uses the phrase "there is just so much you can do with a three star kid, but four and five star kids have much higher potential". These are COACH BARWIS WORDS NOT OURS!!

18) Obi Ezeh probably the player have picked on the most. He believes that this will be the year he lives up to expectations. Reason he thinks the defensive line is going to do its job more consistently which will free him up to make tackles.

19) One last thing, a player who we really respect J.T. Floyd. Right now he is the third cornerback and just refuses to give ground. In fact, he has been playing mostly with the first group since Warren has been banged up a little.

JT. Floyd fits the definition when Coach Rod says he wants kids who "loves football".

20) Regarding the offensive play. Wont be able to determine if our play in practice is because our running game is that good or our defense is not good at defending the run.

In any case going against this offense daily has to make our defense better. This offense when working properly makes you defend the whole field.

21) Jeremy Gallon right now is behind Roy Roundtree (who in our opinion think should start) and Martavious Odoms who seems to have really accepted the challenge of competition.

What we do like with J. Gallon is he catches the ball especially in punt situations. Do not know if he will be our punt returner (you really do not want a freshman doing that). Really think J. Gallon getting to Michigan late hurt him and like Justin Turner is playing catch up to the other guys that have been there since spring or right after graduation. J. Gallon is a talented kid and a perfect fit for slot receiver.

This team will be fun to watch and confident it will play closer to their potential.

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GregGoBlue said...

Where would you rank Kelvin Grady in respect to Tay, Roundtree and Gallon. I noticed that you didn't even slate T-Rob into the mix.

ErocWolverine said...


We thought it would take Kelvin a little longer than it has of picking football back up. So he has surprised us in that regards.

Think Kelvin will play and will rotate in with Odoms, Roundtree, etc...

Think Gallon with him getting in late has really hurt him this year. Will he play -- possible -- at this times we would like to see him redshirt, but might depend on if he is used for special teams and also how the players ahead of him do.

T-Rob seems to struggle with hands still and until he gets more consistent not really sure how much time he will get. He is a player to watch after the season.

Courtney said...

I'm just excited to start seeing college football! Go BLUE!

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