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Mailbag question: Ten Burning Camp Questions

Mailbag question: Ten Burning Camp Questions

Presented in quick and rapid Fire:
1) Barring injury, who starts on opening day?
2) Who will be the #2 QB?
3) Who is the #3 RB?
4) Hemingway or Stonum?
5) Will Barnum start?
6) Roh or Lalota?
7) Who is/will be the backup "Quick"?
8) Williams or Vlad?
9) Who wins the kicking job?
10) On a 1-10 scale, rate the team -- last year was a 4, Ohio State an 8, Florida was a 10.

Thanks Guys!



Thanks for ALL the questions. Nothing like ten questions in one e-mail ... Lol.

1) Here are the starters as of right now:

Offense Starters:

Split End: Junior Hemingway.
Left Tackle: Mark Ortmann.
Left Guard: Steve Schilling.
Offensive Center: David Molk early, watch for Rocko Khoury as season goes on. We are not saying R. Khoury will take over, but he will push D. Molk.
Right Guard: David Moosman early, but watch Ricky Barnum if he can stay healthy.
Right Tackle: Mark Huyge early, but watch Pat Omameh.
Tight End: Flip a coin Martell Webb has performed well and Kevin Koger has more talent and experience. Both should play a lot in our opinion.
Slot Receiver: Martavious Odoms and Roy Roundtree.
Split End: Greg Mathews.
Running Back: Brandon Minor.
Full Back: Mark Moundros, but you will see Kevin Grady a lot, especially when they go to an I-Formation or short yardage.
Quarterback: Tate Forcier, but Denard Robinson will see spot duty in our opinion.

Defense Starters:

Defensive End: Ryan Van Bergen.
Defensive Tackle/Nose Tackle: Mike Martin.
Defensive End: Brandon Graham.
Weak side Linebacker: Stevie Brown.
Inside Linebacker: Jonas Mouton.
Inside Linebacker: Obi Ezeh.
Quick: Brandon Herron.
Cornerback: Donovan Warren.
Cornerback: Boubacar Cissoko.
Free Safety: Troy Woolfolk.
Strong Safety: Mike Williams early, but Vlad Emilien will be tough to fight off.

2) Back- up quarterback Nick Sheridan for full-time duty and Denard Robinson for spot duty, as we believe he will do the same with Tate Forcier as the starter. N. Sheridan early, by Big Ten season begins D. Robinson as the back up. As has been stated several times, we believe that Coach Magee favors D. Robinson, while Coach Rod favors T. Forcier.

3) Carlos Brown, but Michael Shaw, Carlos Brown, and Vincent Smith are close and we believe all will receive snaps.

We have the top five running backs as Brandon Minor, Michael Shaw, Carlos Brown, Vincent Smith, and Michael Cox as the depth chart at running back, with Mark Moundros and Kevin Grady at fullback/max backs.

4) Junior Hemingway seems to be having a very good fall camp right now and should be the other starter opposite of Greg Mathews.

5) No: We believe Ricky Barnum’s injuries have/will hampered/hamper himself from starting, but he will be in the two deep and likely receives playing time during the year. David Moosman begins the season as starting right guard, but R. Barnum will be very difficult to keep off the field if healthy. We are hearing R. Barnum has another injury.

6) Craig Roh, but it would be nice to red-shirt both of Anthony LaLota and C. Roh. We believe C. Roh will play because of defensive depth issues and A. LaLota needs to red shirt and in our opinion needs to change positions from where he was in the spring practices.

7) Steve Watson today, Craig Roh before season is over in our opinion.

8) Both, and I know that is the easy way out. Mike Williams starts; Vlad Emilien plays a ton, and ends the season as a starter. We predict both will play, but M. Williams will probably start the season, with V. Emilien making a big push.

9) Well obviously Zoltan Mesko will be the punter; we figure that the walk-on and probably scholarship for this year’s field goals/extra points kicker will go to Jason Olesnavage. But we have been hearing very good reports about Brendan Gibbons. The kickoff job goes to Bryan Wright.

10) We are not sure last year’s team was even as high as a four, but we will go with your numbers. This year, with the starters give a 5 1/2 or 6, the back-up depth, especially on defense, give a 4.

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Written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine


Anonymous said...

Where was Lalota in the spring? Where do you think he should move to?

coachbt said...

Lalota played quick, the hybred DE/OLber position. We think he ends up playing RVBs strong side DE position.

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