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Michigan Football Tidbits: Conversations with Coaches

Michigan Football Tidbits: Conversations with Coaches

1) Adrian Witty: We have been telling everyone, since the spring coaches’ clinic, that Coach Gibson loves this kid. Coaches fully expect him to be at Michigan sometime. Maybe as early as in a week and there are no plans to red-shirt him.

A. Witty coming to Michigan could change up some strategy in the recruiting of cornerback's, especially with a clear need for the team to get bigger (not only our belief, but Coach Rod's also).

2) Jordan Paskorz: Some question the value of his commitment and his future position at Michigan. But asking around, there was no hesitation within the staff to accept his commitment. The coaches believe he is a perfect candidate to play Ryan Van Bergen's position down the road.

The staff regards Jordan as a "football player". One coach stated J. Paskorz is the type of recruit Coach Rod loved to get at West Virginia because of his versatility, and they think he may not be done growing.

3) Mike Cox: At one time we felt he would not last at Michigan under Coach Rod. Remember, he was a Carr recruit and probably would have been a different type of player under Carr.

But M. Cox has really bought into Barwis, and his added quickness is evident. What is overlooked about M. Cox is that he can really catch the football; he has the best hands by far of any running back on the team. With Brandon Minor graduating, M. Cox is one to watch for next year.

4) Tight Ends: They were almost non-existent in the scrimmage, except in goal line situations. But coaches openly talked about needing to get them involved this year.

A side-note: Brandon Moore has really progressed from spring to fall, but still is a ways behind Martell Webb and Kevin Koger. But at one time, he was seen as a kid who may not have what it takes to make it through this program. Now he seems to really have stepped it up.

5) Just one coach’s comment about J. Paskorz (think RVB) in terms of position), Ken Wilkins (think Brandon Graham) Antonio Kinard (think Brandon Herron). We state the above comparisons because while some conclude UM is booked at certain positions, it seems UM could add at least a player at each (lb and de).

6) Jerald Robinson: Coaches differ, but looking at the depth at wide receiver the odds now favor J. Robinson starting out at safety. At least Coach Gibson hopes so.

7) All three freshmen offensive linemen held their own at the scrimmage. This group really looks solid and we can envision every one of them becoming a starter someday.

8) Pat Omameh played very well; it is close for right tackle, very close.

9) The second team defensive line was Adam Patterson, Greg Banks, Renaldo Sagesse, and Steve Watson (Quick). Will Campbell rotated in with second and third group.

10) When a coach was asked about the big gap between first and second team defense, his response was "They all better get ready because we are planning on playing around 20 kids on defense".

If A. Witty makes it in, and with Teric Jones and J.T. Turner already on the second team, UM may take two more defensive back's, instead of three.

So who? We think Cullen Christian for sure. UM would also love to have a commitment from Tony Grimes (remember UM already has commitments from Courtney Avery and Terrence Talbott, who probably are both cornerback's).

We believe UM would love to get a true safety like Latwan Anderson. But we have heard that Michigan is not even being mentioned alongside some of the other teams that are recruiting him. He hasn't visited, like he said he would to several Michigan recruiting services and also Michigan recruits/commits.

Stephen Hopkins plays at a very good program and if his high school coach is going to play him more at linebacker (like the link Steve provided the other day) and Hopkins is fine with that, then we are really excited about this potential development.

Michigan needs linebackers more than running backs. And M. Cox, still young, fits the power running back type well.

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Good past - thanks for the insight.

Just a quick question:

With the coaches excited about Witty, I assume his knee is close to 100% and he has his speed back. With him not taking the RS, how soon do you realistically think he can contribute? Where do you see him fitting in depth-wise into this secondary? Thanks!

GregGoBlue said...

Jerald Robinson at safety? I remember rumblings about that, but after seeing him put on a show at camp this summer, Sam Webb thought he was the best WR prospect we had committed for 2010.

Would Hopkins playing more at LB reduce his minutes at RB? The next Obi Ezeh?

ErocWolverine said...

WOLVERINENWV: We was told by Coach Gibson back in the spring that Whitty would surprise a lot of people and that he liked him a lot.

Firsts things first ... getting him through the NCAA Clearinghouse first.

I think a lot of it is because of quality depth why he would play right now especially after missing so much practice time.

You have to think if he does get cleared that he will play on special teams at first and work himself into the rotation.

To me at least he is really going to come in guns blazing to pass a lot of kids that put in a lot of time in the fall practices to pass right away.

Coach Gibson told us that a lot of schools backed off the kid when he got hurt and believe that he would be a lot higher recruit if the injury did not happen and they actually look for kids like that.

ErocWolverine said...


Well the reason why Jerald Robinson would be moved is because of depth issues on defense and he is the "MOST" likely to be able to move to safety.

Will he be moved? Might not know until we see who is in this class and who they can get on defense.

The kid is very athletic and can play on both sides of the ball. Now the question becomes where is he best at.

He might be the best wide receiver prospect right now in the 2010 class that Michigan has, but he is probably the only one that can play defense as well.

Regarding Hopkins. At least I want to see him play a lot of minutes and see a lot of film on him before we try and compare him to anybody on defense. Almost all the film we have seen of him has been at running back. So hard to judge a kid for the other side of the ball until we see him make plays, read the offensive line, take proper pursuit angles and make tackles.

To many times fans think if a kid is good on one side of the ball then he is good on the other.

Sometimes if you need a great linebacker ... go recruit one.

We will hold judgement on Hopkins at linebacker until we see film on him and hopefully it will work out there because like we said we do not really need more running backs ... we need defensive players, but we have been saying that since '08 spring practices, but now it is the "All In" thing to say now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insights, keep 'em coming!!!

I have heard that Wilkins is pretty good athlete with good size to boot....if he really can come on like BG did, then its great news for the program. Granted this might never happen or that he might need a couple of years to do so, but given his physical characteristics (big dude...240 ish with a year to go in HS) and athleticism, would not be surprised if he contributes as a freshman....is he coming in early, would help if he did!!

What do you guys think of CC's team mate Brandon Ifill?? Are we good with him, is he a baller??, rate please!!


Thanks ERoc... I had heard that about Witty's injury and schools backing off. Kid really seemed(s) like a player. If the coaches are excited about him, then I am too.

I am surprised that he would be able to come in so late in the game and push past that many kids on the Depth Chart who have been there all fall. Is that a testament to Witty's abilities? The lack of decent depth at the position? Or, most likely, a combination of both?

How excited should we be when/if Witty gets on the field?

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