Friday, September 11, 2009

GBMW Link Man: Steve K's -- Why Michigan will win / why Notre Dame will win

GBMW Link Man: Steve K's -- Why Michigan will win / why Notre Dame will win

The link man has came out of his cave of finding thousands of links for GBMW and has given his preview of what it might take for Michigan to win against Notre Dame. Also gives reasons as to why Notre Dame might pull off the win.

Why Notre Dame will win:

Experience, talent, and size.

Notre Dame returns a three-year starter and one of the most highly recruited quarterback's in the nation under center, if this massive line can provide Clausen time in the pocket, it will be a long day for Michigan fans.

Speaking of long and talent - they also have probably the best triple receiver group in the nation between Golden, Floyd, and Rudolph. If Michigan allows Notre Dame to have a running game and open up for play action the defensive backs of Michigan will get owned.

This leads to size: Both offensive and Defensive lines of Michigan are giving up substantial size to their counterparts. If they do not use their speed, perform excellent first moves, and explode at points of attack - well expect IHOP because there will be many pancakes.

Why Michigan will win:

Scheme, speed, and the Big House.

I believe this will be a much different look then Notre Dame got last year, last week, and in their own house. Less Michigan's total loss of holding on to the ball last year there might have been a football game. That was against a team which had no offense and no drive on defense.

Fast forward to 2009, trials which have solidified staff and team and you have some talented, pissed-off predators. These guys on defense will be able to bring pressure with speed from both the inside and out.

Look for Clausen not only to be reacquainted with Mr. Graham (3.5 sacks average against Jimmy), but to make new friends with Martin and Roh. The offense will have moderate success in the medium passing game and the short stuff, but do not expect the long hook-up we saw versus Western Michigan as Notre Dame's defensive backs are used to covering good down range catchers.

I think the Notre Dame defensive line is not as good as described and as such both our quarterbacks and running backs will have a running field-day. Both sides of the ball speed will be on Michigan's side expect them to play faster then they did versus Western Michigan- big guys get winded easy.

Finally the Big House - it is bigger, louder, and in my estimation has a new nastier attitude. It won't take long for Clausen to wander back to his last whipping here, if Michigan can get an early sack, turnover, or pick versus this Offense - if this happens I can seen the wheels coming off Clausen.

He made many passes against Nevada that were ill-advised but the wide receivers saved him - less time and better coverage may be all it takes.

Come back later today when the rest of the crew puts their predictions and also get a preview from CoachBt, Coach Webb and ErocWolverine.

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