Thursday, September 10, 2009

Michigan Blog Preview: Notre Dame at Michigan -- MAIZE OUT

An Invitation is hereby extended to our Wolverine blogbrethrens and friends.

The GBMW readership reads with interest the game predictions generated by the contributors. Your site is cordially invited to participate in the fun. Each week, assuming continued interest, GBMW would like to have a guest prediction and analysis from a different Michigan blogsite for the upcoming Saturday game.

This should be beneficial to all Michigan blog pages and we here hope that a secondary benefit from this venture is increased exposure to all U of M blogpages.

So if you are interested and administer/contribute to a Michigan blog, please E-Mail GBMW and let us know your willingness to participate. Several remaining games are still in need of a guest blog predictor/contributor.

Special guest this week -- SuperFan:

Yes the original Michigan Masked Man who has his own site at Michigan SuperFan

Notre Dame at Michigan

Go Blue Michigan Wolverine -- Michigan Blog Preview

Despite lopsided scores in tune-up games before the big game against the Leaders and Best versus the Second-At-Everything Team from Gary, Indiana, I saw one major flaw with the Irish that always proves to be big in rivalry games.

They gave up over 5 yards per rush to Nevada…NEVADA!!!

Now if Nevada can run through the Fighting Out Of The Fetal Position Irish like that, what do you think perhaps the best stable of running back in the country is going to do to them???

Mighty Meeeeeeechigan runs on, over, and through the Irish for another lopsided victory in this rivalry.

Michigan 38 – Notre Dame 17

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Written by SuperFan

SuperFan runs his own site at Michigan SuperFan

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