Thursday, September 10, 2009

Links of Interest for Michigan

Eduardo Clements - Silent Commit (Not UM)
WMU marching band
Not a lone UM issue
The 20 hour status is a joke
Thrown to the wolverines
MSU group feels UM’s pain
Threet says UM was wrong fit
Buckeye players defend UM
RR Hopes he has found his QB
UM must be Western
RR biggest trouble
McGuffie shoots straight
UM needs to come out Gung Ho
Herbie on what to expect from UM
B10 breakdown
3 Company
Fans feeling blue
True Frosh QBs
Countdown to kick-off: Coach Gibby
ND Billboard
UM must return to power
Reasons to love the B10
UM pledges cooperation
Ex-infractions chair hired
David Harris
B10 Down and Out
Bowl projections
Video game teaching tools
2011 sees first UM Commit CB Greg Brown --- and --- his HS game
Jay Rome UM offer
Interactive QB options
2011 Top 100
Hoping to put scandal behind in opener
To many uppers
The QBs
UM hires Birmingham lawyer
Lloyd pizza bowl president
RR better show up on gameday
The Michigan spirit
Best and worst fight songs
Don’t be fooled by crying game
Pros speak out “That’s stupid”
2009 season preview
Football isn’t life
UM not distracted
Forcier starts
Sparty helmet stickers
20 not enough
Game coverage
Guide to coverage
UM makes a statement
UM and Illini stick out the most
Solid thumping
Give RR credit
Rod earns a win
WMU finds no rhythm
UM Football
UM Scores blowout
QB duo sparks
Colts let Taylor and Hart go
UM QBs as advertised
2011 QB UM verbal Christian LeMay
Bronco Beatdown
Let RR do his job
UM and ND got easy wins don’t get overconfident
Arrington on Saints practice squad
UM looked good early on
A look at MSU and UM
Carrying on bout the B10
Things to watch week 2
2 run past WMU
TP should be seen not heard
Players put victory in perspective
Tougher for adversity
ND talking UM
WMU Laments
Which team takes week 2
OSU excuses for near loss
B10 week 2
S LaQuentin Smith --- UM Offer
UM starts Frosh
Jamison could be a next star contributor
UM back to the 25
B10 round-up
Week 1 recap
Forcier will start against ND
Will the real team please stand up
10 win week
UM dominated
UM and ND looked like top teams
Tate was groomed
Coach Smith likes what he sees
2011 OL Tyler Moore UM Offer
Tate throws 3
UM in Santa Monica
Grading the opener
Tate was fantastic
RR looks ahead to ND
UM man on commitment
Top teams
B10 power poll
B10 does well
UM had a strong performance
B10 week 2 predictions
Denards Debut
Denard interview
Tate interview
Earning it
WMU post game
RR chant

written by Steve

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