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Mailbag question: Craig Roh

Hey man,

With, Craig Roh's recent switch to playing the quick, who do you see stepping in next year to fill B. Graham's vacant position? Would they switch C. Roh back to that spot? If they did I see this as a very poor decision by the coaching staff. With C. Roh's potential I think that he should find his niche and stay there to develop. If they do, in fact, keep C. Roh at the quick, I'm at a loss as to who has the speed and athletic ability to be the pass-rushing DE that we need at Graham's spot. I could see Ken Wilkins developing into that position in a couple years, but he clearly wouldn't be ready by next year. So yeah, who's it gonna be on Saturdays next year when Graham's is no longer making QB's horizontal for the Wolverines?



Thanks for the question.

Yes, we expect Craig Roh to add weight and strength under Coach Barwises special tutelage.

He is really the only player currently on Michigan 's roster with the skills to play Brandon Graham's position. Of the incoming recruits we think Antonio Kinard has the best chance to play B. Graham's position. Regarding Ken Wilkins, it is reasonable to predict he will man either Obi Ezeh's inside linebacker position or Ryan Van Bergen's defensive end position.

Nate, you are on the money. Craig Roh is a special type of talent, and this talent must be implemented to the maximum potential.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm thinking your right that Roh will stay at the quick, and Van Bergen will be shifted from the 3 tech to B.G.s spot, and mike martin will be shifted to the 3 tech most likely with Campbell taking over at the nose. Now, even if mike martin doesnt switch to the 3 tech, I feel they will get someone else to play the 3 tech and still switch Van Bergen.

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