Thursday, September 03, 2009

Mailbag question: Why don't you like the spread offense

Hey guys,

I saw on another message board that you guys do not like Coach Rod's spread offense. What gives?



Thanks for the question.

This question is easy to answer oh bipedal, carnivorous, cretaceous one. Nothing gives, since every contributor on this site (Eroc, CoachBt, Maizeman and Doc) drools over the possibilities of the points and excitement Coach Rod’s spread offense can produce. As we are all too aware, in our society and in daily life, something that one person says about others frequently is not true. GBMW has no idea as too why or how such a conclusion would be put forth. In the realm of importance, this is minutia times minutia squared. However, this is a good opportunity to revisit past discussions.

We have always stated that we like a diversified pro style offense that uses multiple wide receiver sets as part of the overall package. We do prefer diversification and do not prefer one-dimensional offensive schemes, be it the I-formation, wishbone, split backs, or run and shoot.

We can understand that when the inept offensive performance of 2008 was discussed last year, some may have taken that as a summary testimony that we did not “approve” of the UM spread offense.

Any offense can be executed poorly or very well. The execution depends on many variables, most importantly talent, experience, and using players that fit the scheme philosophy.

This year’s team personnel is much more suited for Coach Rod's read option spread offense, which relies on the quarterback more than probably any other offense. Without the proper match at quarterback this offense, as with any offense, will produce poor results, as we all saw last year.

Players like Tate Forcier and Denard Robinson are better fits in this system than previous quarterbacks. Now add in added experience and more talent, especially at the key skill positions (slot receiver, tight end, running back and even split end), and a recipe for clear improvement is provided.

WE do like the spread, end of discussion.

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Anonymous said...

So are you saying you don't like the spread! LOL

Joking...yes, joking.

Steve said...

You need to talk to Paul Johnson. If you want to talk offensive genius that guy would be the first on my list. I don't think he meets your requirements of diversity, but really watch a Tech game and watch the little blocking assignments in the run game. Using the same offensive concept Cal Poly was the leader in 1-AA in passing eff.

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