Friday, October 30, 2009

GBMW: Doc4blu Preview

Michigan at Illinois

Doc4blu -- Preview

GBMW: Doc4blu Preview

Let us start off this week with two bizarre little teaser questions: First, what does Forrest Gump have to do with this game, and second what common everyday item can describe UM and Illinois this week?

Regarding Forrest, who may have had some difficulty in Coach Rod’s spread, the Illini and Wolverines are at this point of the season a box of chocolates. So, to start with what is the result of a box of chocolates crossed with a box of chocolates? Square chocolates, diabetes, a mess, or a wealthy candy company might be wise answers? As Mamma Gump stated, you never know what you will get. In football terms this means who will show up and play better and maybe get a break along the way.

Have fun predicting this game under the set of circumstances described above. But that leads to question number two for help in any meaningful form of appraisal. The question again was what common everyday item can describe UM and Illinois together this week? The answer is a mirror. Yes, one team is 5 and 3 and the other is 1 and 6, but both have similar symptoms. Consider the following in using the mirror metaphor.
• Both teams have had frustrating ups and downs with offensive production, with long periods of lack of success after tearing it up.
• Both star quarterbacks, albeit one a senior and one a freshman have had recent crashes.
• Both offenses have had key injuries and play patched up.
• Both teams have stopped no one of any consequence on defense.
• Both teams have killed themselves with penalties at key junctures.
• Both teams will look at film and will have a key decision to make regarding the game plan- attack the weakness or play from the strength aspect?
• Both teams have shaky defensive back play.
• Both teams have dual quarterback systems now in place, with limited success.
• Both teams know this is a crossroad game that could turn the season or doom it.
• Both teams will likely play very hard, but maybe not very smart.
• Both teams, since Illinois is bent on the youth movement, are young.

So, the mirror is not inappropriate for the purposes of comparison.

So what might happen Saturday that some football insight might hit upon? Look for the Michigan o-line to attempt to chew the Illini defensive front. How will Illinois adjust? Both teams will likely try and force the other to throw and attempt to hold the quarterback in check.

Look for Juice Williams to come out fresh, energetic, and renewed. Except for the Cincinnati game, this is Juice’s last big stage. Do not buy into Zook’s dual qb talk too much. If Juice is cooking the oven will stay on.

Michigan better cover Benn, especially on kickoffs. If the coverage team continues its slide, Benn could break two or three big ones, which would spell disaster to UM. The quarterback with the most time might be the winner on Saturday.

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