Friday, October 30, 2009

GBMW: Preview of Illinois game

Michigan at Illinois

Go Blue Michigan Wolverine -- Preview

GBMW: Preview of Illinois game

Well this week's game against Illinois could make Michigan bowl eligible. So, then, how will Michigan respond after the last several weeks of spiraling down from the short-lived heights? Will going on the road be much of a factor at all?

This sounds like a broken record but we still believe that the most important aspect/factor/variable of this game will be how well Michigan does up front, not only rushing the football but protecting the quarterbacks (plural).

Both quarterbacks need as much time as possible. If Michigan can run for 200 yards, we believe the team has an excellent chance to win Saturday’s game.

Part of the offensive success will be squarely on Tate as he must do a better job of reading both the inside and outside zone read plays. If Michigan wins the turnover margin, or at least breaks even, then they have an excellent chance to win Saturday.

Defensively, Michigan did a good job stopping the run except for the first rush of the game last week. Michigan must make Illinois a passing team, just like Illinois must try and make Michigan a passing team.

One thing to watch, can Michigan contain/ keep "Juice" in the pocket. Michigan must make him throw the ball and not him get into space where he can cause severe damage.

The UM defense must not let Benn make big plays, or at least minimalize his contributions. Benn has been hobbled by an ankle, but is an elite level talent when healthy.

Holding the Illinois point total down is a big game key, since Michigan should be able to score on the Illiini defense.

To most Michigan fans they see this as an easy game and an easy prediction, but this game is by far the most difficult game to predict this year. We could easily see both teams winning. Illinois is statistically terrible, but they are at home and certainly had Michigan’s number last year. And Michigan has continued to struggle at least somewhat with a quarterback that can create and run with the ball.

Illinois usually plays Michigan tough at home and this might be a chance for Illinois to put it all together. They always seem to be able to play their best football of the year against Michigan. Will they Saturday?

Finally, Michigan is not as bad as they played last week against Penn State and probably not as good as they played against Notre Dame. Although they are a much better team than last year, so progress is occurring.

Come back later today to see our predictions

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Written by CoachBt, Coach Webb, and ErocWolverine

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