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Mailbag question: Assistant coaches on the hot seat

Mailbag question: Assistant coaches on the hot seat

Is it time yet for some of the assistant coaches to be on the hot seat or will coach rod even allow such sentiment? It seems like last year many of the assistant coaches got a free pass because of how the team played and being a new system, but right now I do not see a lot of improvement in many areas.

Will some of the coaches be replaced this year or is this something that Coach Rod will take as a if they go I go type of attitude since a lot of them came with him from WV?

We have struggled getting a pass rush and have also struggled in pass coverage. Do not get me started on the LB's either ... WOW!

Hank S.


Thanks for the question.

Coaches are always on the hot seat; some are just closer to the edge than others.

We would expect there to be some changes in the defensive staff next season, exactly who and why is speculation at this time. Assistants typically have a one-year contract and most of the turnover is during the winter, just before or just after national signing day.

Much of the above will depend on whether or not Coach Robinson returns.

There are some assistants we doubt will ever be on the hot seat with Coach Rod. They have been with him for along time. It is clear that Coach Rod appreciates loyalty.

Right now, it is too early to speculate on which coaches might be in “trouble,” since the season is not near to being over and hence we do not know how UM will finish the season. For assistants the wind can blow calmly with warm air or brutally like a cold blizzard. The assistant football coach at the college and pro level is perceived as a glamorous position, but the reality is life can be tough with losses.

We could see some offensive coaches getting a little warm as well, but this part of the staff is less likely to have turnover in our opinion.

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