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Mailbag question: Defensive recruiting

Mailbag question: Defensive recruiting

A recruiting question for you guys?

Do we have any recruits coming in that can play right away on defense? I realize that might be a tough question since they are not even signed yet and you haven't seen them all, but I do not think this defense will be any good next year as well?

Who will replace Brandon Graham?

What happens if Donovan Warren decides to leave? Who will replace him and will we have sufficient depth?

Please tell me the sun will come up tomorrow and that we can get a couple of defensive monsters to come play at Michigan.

Dan B.


Thanks for the question.

In our opinion the defensive recruits with the best chance of playing early are Marvin Robinson and Terrence Talbott. Not only do they play positions of need, they both have shown the skills needed to help next season.

We expect Craig Roh to get the first shot at replacing Brandon Graham in the spring practices.

If Donovan Warren does indeed leave this creates a huge hole that will be tough to fill.

We would expect the red-shirt freshmen defensive backs JT Turner, Witty (if he comes to Michigan), and the incoming freshman (whoever shakes out) to receive ample opportunity. Floyd and Boo Boo will be given first shot at corners with the others under a larger than usual microscope.

Yes at this time we are a little worried about the defense next year along with the current defensive recruiting, but we have been worried for the last couple of years especially with the talent level and the depth issues.

UM needs to find and sign some defensive linemen that can put pressure on the quarterback, without sending the kitchen sink all the time. UM needs to find linebackers that can cover in passing situations, along with filling the hole, making the right reads and making the tackle and sending the running back backwards. Also UM needs to find more speed and athleticism in the defensive backfield, which is a factor in being able to cover receivers better.

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GregGoBlue said...

Hopson. Dude is dead weight, can't recruit worth a lick and Demens and Fitzgerald are not improving. If the guy is a fly risk, let him fly.

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