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Mailbag question: Boo Boo

Mailbag question: Boo Boo


What do you think of the Boo Boo news?

Are you surprised?

What does this do regarding our defense?

How does this effect Woolfolk -- will he stay at CB now instead of bringing in Boo Boo on third downs and Woolfolk to safety?

How is Floyd doing?


JT, Gene and Frank


Thanks for the question guys.

No. no one at GBMW is surprised in regards of this news, because we have documented the associated issues and concerns a couple of times over the past month or so and tried to warn people of what might happen. Yes, we even had a few people making comments that Boo Boo must be doing well since he was listed as active and was told he was going to play, and in fact did play against Penn State .

Here are some links if any reader may be interested in looking back at the Boo Boo news.

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October 22, 2009 -- Thoughts on players -- Boo Boo

In fact, frankly and unfortunately, we are surprised it took this long.

Nobody is bigger or more important than the TEAM.

Besides the previous episodes of Boo Boo missing classes ever since he was benched for his performance, and getting kicked out of practice a couple of times, his pouting on the sidelines was the latest disruption/episode. We have also been informed that he missed a team meeting in which Coach Rod sent Coach Gibson to have a meeting with Boo Boo.

If Boo Boo, or any other player, is breaking teams rules they need to be disciplined. And if they continue to believe they are bigger than the team, or continue to break important rules, Coach Rod has no choice but to let them go.

We hope Boo Boo gets his act together and gets his fanny back to school. All our experiences with him have been good, he is good kid who has made some unwise choices. We wish him well and hope all works out for him.

Now as far as how does this affect the team well it will have a huge effect on team.

It forces Woolfolk to stay at cornerback and weakens the safety position. Coming out of spring practices we warned people of Woolfolk being the only safety with speed and enough athletic ability to play the wide-side in cover 2. Nothing has happened to change that evaluation.

Michigan's last four opponents all have wide receivers capable of beating the defense over the top. Neither M. Williams, nor J. Kovacs, has showed the speed or athletic ability to prevent big plays.

We hope with this news that it doesn't result in burning the red-shirt that the coaching staff was going to use on JT Turner. At this point in time, it would be a waste to have to burn a year because of this situation.

In regards to Floyd, will he be able to step up to provide depth or will the coaches look at somebody else to fulfill that role? The problem with Floyd, from what we have seen, is he has struggled in coverage and run support.

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