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Mailbag question: Playing against our defense

Mailbag question: Playing against our defense

I have a question.

Does it seem like teams know how to play against our defense now? Seems like early on most teams couldn't figure it out, but lately most teams are picking this defense apart.

Against Penn State we saw Obi Ezeh run several yards behind with that long touchdown pass and then later on we saw Stevie Brown get a touchdown thrown on him as well.

Against Iowa we saw several times Michael Williams let the tight end go right by him and go for two big touchdowns.

Our safety play I think has not done well either and it seemed to me that they let wide receivers get behind them. Isn't that like a cardinal sin that most junior high school coaches try and teach safeties; do not let anybody behind you?

My question is are teams figuring out the weaknesses of this Michigan defense and exploiting them and is this why UM is giving up big plays lately.

Sammy from the UP


Thanks for the question.

Three things have happened in our opinion.

1) Michigan is playing better teams, so the margin for error is reduced.

2) Teams have seen Michigan 's defense on film and are identifying weak areas.

3) Teams have Michigan on film and are identifying player weaknesses and exploiting them. Isolating the weakness and exploiting it with a play saved for just the right moment is a time tested coaching technique.

This is a natural progression and it happens to all teams.

It is up to Michigan players and the coaching staff to adapt their game and takeaway some of the obvious problem areas.

Many teams have grad assistants that help to self-scout themselves and as a result identify tendencies and identify obvious weaknesses.

At this point it is difficult to cover up for player’s lack of skills. The weaknesses must be fixed with recruiting players and player development in the off-season.

We have frequently mentioned lately that as our friend MaizeMan has stated for quite sometime recruit, recruit and recruit some more. People are starting to see that this defense is not very talented and needs to improve the quality and quantity of defensive recruits. Coach Robinson can only do so much and he has had to use duct tape, bubble gum, tie wire, and knot shoestring pieces to keep this defense together.

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