Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mailbag question: defensive formation

Mailbag question: Defensive formation


PSU scored on two junior high sets. One where the wide receiver runs a stop, and the slot runs a corner -- TD. Next time the wide receiver runs a go and the slot runs an out -- TD. I guess we know why Stevie Brown was moved out of the secondary.

Why do we have LB's like Ezeh covering wide outs and fast TE's? Could you speak to these things?

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Thanks for the question.

This standard coverage is in zone blitz schemes and in some man coverage’s in the red zone.

Both the touchdowns were against full blitzes that Penn State picked up.

When the blitz did not get to Clark, S. Brown was a huge island matched up against a wide receiver he is not athletic enough to cover.

Ezeh’s coverage was in a blitz also and he had to fill the hole in the coverage, all the way down a seam.

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