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Mailbag question: Offensive question

Mailbag question: Offensive question

I have heard a lot of talk about the offense needing to be in rhythm to be successful. Some of the problems affecting this rhythm I know are put on the defense. However, football has a way of being unpredictable. The MSU, Iowa and PSU games saw the rhythm disrupted. Only in the Iowa game did I see an adjustment to find success in something, knowing that the entire package was not clicking. There we just pounded the ball.

My concern is that even when this transition is complete and a true RR team takes the field, the issues with the offensive rhythm being disrupted will still happen. This offense seems very fragile to any mishaps. Do you think the grinding out of trying to get back on rhythm as opposed to flirting with other ideas falls on to thinking about the future as opposed to the present?

Andy P.


Thanks for the question.

Michigan does a few things to get back into rhythm. The coaches manipulate personnel, change tempos, and use different formations to accomplish this.

The key to this offense working is the quarterback making proper reads, if he does not make good reads, nothing else will make a difference.

In our opinion the reads are the #1 issue, Forcier is not making proper reads, which has led to negative plays. This is not the type of offense that can make a living on second or third and long.

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