Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mailbag question: More points with the talent we have gotten lately.

Mailbag question: More points with the talent we have gotten lately.

Since it seems like the last couple of years we have gotten a lot of players on offense, shouldn't we be expecting some more points from them since they are the most talented kids we have gotten lately?



Thanks for the question.

Michigan has received commitments from some highly regarded offensive recruits.

The problem is they have not been able to win the starting positions away from the veterans.

The entire offensive line is made up of Coach Carr's recruits, as are the top two running backs and some of the top receivers.

Right now the majority of the top players on the team offensively and defensively are still from the Coach Carr's era.

Only at quarterback and slot receiver have the Coach Rod era recruits truly taken over and that has been out of necessity. In short, there was no meaningful competition.

Learning a completely new scheme and a way of playing has taken Michigan time to implement. And more time is obviously needed, as are skilled players.

In our opinion getting the offense to where it needs to be has taken longer than Coach Rod and the coaching staff expected.

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