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Mailbag question: Offensive line play

Mailbag question: Offensive line play

The play of the offensive line has been worse lately. Is most of this level of play contributed to Molk being out or because we are playing tougher competition now?

You guys really took a bullet right before the season in regards to the offensive line and wow I am one of those guys that were very critical of your opinions. I am sorry about that and realize that people are allowed to have different opinions and also express concerns of the football program they follow and still love the program.

Thanks guys and keep shooting from the hip and keeping it real.

Ken S.


Thanks for the question and comments.

There are multiple issues/concerns/problems with the offensive line in our opinion.

1) First is the injury to Molk, this caused Michigan to shuffle the entire right side and messed up the timing of the snap.

2) Michigan is playing a higher quality of defenses lately. Iowa, Michigan State, and Penn State are big strong defensive lines and have caused Michigan (and other teams) some problems.

3) In the preseason we stated we were concerned with the offensive line and posed the question of whether or not this unit had topped out. This stance resulted in taking some flak, but it is unfortunate that the stated position may be correct.

This group of players is just not as athletic as we would prefer when zoning. And that has shown in the last few games, with the exception of Delaware State.

To read the offensive line article from August 29, 2009 please read here:

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