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Mailbag question: Tight end play against Penn State

Mailbag question: Tight end play against Penn State

Wow, our tight end play was not good against PSU!

Were some of those catches tougher than I saw. I didn't record the game and have not been able to see replays, but it seemed like some throws were bad throws or at least tough for the tight ends to catch?

It seemed like Tate is not throwing the ball as well as earlier in the season.

So, is it a combination of everything, including bad quarterback throws, or just bad drops by the tight end?

Mark C.


Thanks for the question.

We are in agreement with your choice above about the passing game woes being a shared problem.

Some blame falls on the receivers for drops, some on the quarterbacks, and even some on the offensive line for not protecting better.

There were a few times the result was just a flat out drop, with no excuse for not catching the ball.

There were other times that Forcier threw the ball slightly behind the receiver, or held the ball too long letting the receiver get too close to a safety.

Several times our tight ends had to go on the turf to try and get the ball as well. With a better pass where the receiver can keep moving and stay in stride this would make things easier for receivers, especially on a wet damp day. In most cases the ball should have been caught, but sometimes a better throw would have helped as well, especially when receivers are going over the middle knowing they are likely going to get hit.

And other than that, Forcier was either hit or frequently forced to pull the ball down and not set his feet before throwing.

Football is as, Coach Rod always says, is the one true team game.

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