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Mailbag question: Tate Forcier

Mailbag question: Tate Forcier

My question is about Tate Forcier

It seemed like some sites were bragging about this kid during the early part of the season and now those same sites are blaming the weather, and also are making noise that the expectations were just too high, even though these sites were the ones helping create the high expectations for the kid.

Is the kid that good, that bad, in between? It seems like lately he almost seems lost out there, but Michigan has to go to him because frankly he is the best they have right now.

With Devin Gardner coming in do you see him red-shirting or do you see him playing and how much of a factor could he be, especially if he comes in early?

I just do not see Tate, or tater-tot like some people have called him, as a player that will greatly improve from one season to the next. It seems like he is what he is as they say and only maybe his decision-making will get better?

Your thoughts guys,

Wendall W.


Thanks for the question.

Forcier in our opinion is a typical talented freshmen, who makes some great plays and some terrible plays. Some places hopped on the "Forcier for Heisman" hoopla that happened earlier before the season and after the first four games. But now these same cheerleaders are saying we tried to tell you to keep things in prospective, even though they were the officers leading the calvary charge.

Tate is making typical freshmen errors by rushing things, forcing throws, and not going through his entire reads and progressions. Sometimes he is deciding where to go with the ball even before the ball is snapped, or he waits too long to get rid of the ball because either he cannot see the receiver open or is worried about making a mistake.

All young quarterbacks go through this type of development.

We have tried to keep everything in perspective here, not giving too much credit or praise through the good times and not too much blame through the bad times as well. We try to show people concerns that we have seen either in the spring practices or the off-season reports, as well as the obvious evidence from the actual games that support this discussion.

Keep in mind Tate has much going for himself: talent, quicks, and smarts. But he needs supporting elements, such as a well thought out passing game and experience to further develop.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I agree with, and applaud, your wisdom. Too many of the fan base is plagued with knee-jerk reactions: RR is a terrible choice for coach, RR is a great coach, RR ruined MIchigan, RR is Michigan's savior, Tate is God, Tate is a goat, etc., etc. etc.

Tate is good. He is a freshman. He will improve. He has the intangibles you can't teach. He doesn't have the luxury of a defense that can pick up the slack. After a great start, when nobody knew what to expect, opponents better prepared for him. After the "high" of a great start and feeling of invincibility, the reality -- and physicality -- of Big Ten play hit him like a ton of bricks. Now, he's going through some growing pains, probably not as cocky as he was before the Western game.

Let's all be patient, folks. Michigan is on the right track. Forcier will get better. Robinson will get better. The defense will get better. But it won't happen over night. There will be progress and setbacks along the way -- no magic wand to instantly turn us into National Champions. If it was that easy, everybody could do it.

Forcier is struggling now, but we all know that in any game, in any situation, he is capable of orchestrating amazing come-back drives. So let's give the kid a break and watch his back.

Anonymous said...

Are you of the opinion that the passing game is not well thought out? Just asking the question.

William (Bill) said...

One factor that should be considered in the current mistakes made by Forcier; he isn't getting much help from the OL, and consequently, he is attempting to do too much by himself. It is up to the coaching staff to support him and mentor him to correct his mistakes. Again, the injury bug has attacked Michigan football, and this has had some negative effects on the whole team.

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