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Mailbag question: Three quarterbacks comparison

Mailbag question: Three quarterbacks comparison

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Where do you think the development of our freshman quarterbacks will be by the time we get to Ohio State and how would you compare them to where you think Terrelle Pryor will be at that time?




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All three mentioned within the question are at similar places, regarding development and progress and are trying to find a rhythm while also continuing to learn and master the offense.

Pryor has the clear advantage of a better defense and special teams playing behind him. This limits the responsibility he has for the total effort of achieving a sin. Last week’s game at Purdue was the exception to the above statement. In that game the offense of Ohio State needed more than just game management from Terrelle.

The biggest difference between the three is that Tate Forcier has an aggressive style of play. He has that gunslinger, risk taking mentality that the other two do not, to that degree, possess.

Denard Robinson arriving in September and having less time and reps is the least ready of the three to control games. And the recent results bear this out.

Pyror is a bit hesitant in some games and we would expect this to be his biggest improvement in the near future. He may have taken a big step forward yesterday with a big game against Minnesota. As he gains confidence his natural athletic ability will take over, a troubling thought to opponents. Having better wide receivers would help him out as well.

On Saturday you could see Pryor's teammates start to gain confidence in him, if this continues it will be a big plus.

Early in the season you could see Tate Forcier's teammates start to gain that type of respect and confidence in him. It is starting to wane in our opinion as defenses have jumped ahead of his learning curve.

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