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2010 Michigan Recruiting: Ryan Vinapol

2010 Michigan Recruiting: Ryan Vinapol

School: Cardinal Mooney
Height: 5 ft - 11 inches
Weight: 185 lbs
Position: ATH-Athlete
Class of: 2010
Home Town: Boardman
State: Ohio
Offers: Michigan, Bowling Green, Kent State, Air Force

Overview: He is a versatile high school player who plays all three phases of the game. Solid athlete who does a lot of things okay, but nothing great.

Strengths: Physical player who delivers a solid shot. Maintains solid leverage and is fundamentally sound. Good quickness and okay feet. Shows good instincts and ball skills.

Need work: Plays upright and needs to learn to bend his knees. Back pedal is not as smooth and this hurts his ability come out of breaks. Solid hitter when tackling, but needs to learn to wrap up when tackling.

Final thought: At this time we do not feel he is a Michigan type caliber recruit, but we are not college coaches, we are not on the Michigan staff, and we are not evaluating complete game film. This is our opinion of this athlete and not trying to put him down, but we believe this kid would be a Plan B or C type of player at least in our opinions for Michigan.

We would have rather taken another player like Micah Hyde from Fostoria, Ohio last year who committed to Iowa. He is a better athlete and also has more speed.

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Sizzle Chest said...

His ability to bump and not wrap up players when tackling is signature UM style and one I'd like not to see anymore. That type of tackling has been disastrous for UM over the years.

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