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GBMW: Coach's Corner -- Thoughts on my attending practices

GBMW: Coach's Corner -- Thoughts on my Attending Practices

I have been attending Michigan football practices for over 25 years and every year on my return I have been hit with numerous questions involving talent and what I saw. Like professional talent scouts I hit with many predictive verdicts and miss with some. Likely, on that day, I was probably right, but things can change in even 24 hours.

Recently attention has been brought up about our statements about Vlad during the spring practices. GBMW will stand behind everything stated then and now. Springtime can sometimes seem like light years away from what happens in fall practices and we have not made much mention about Vlad since spring. During the spring practices that coincided with the coach’s clinic on Thursday and Friday, Vlad practiced and scrimmaged with the first group. On Saturday he showed up with the second group, but spent much time with the first group. All the Michigan coaches we talked with during the three days clearly were impressed with Vlad and opined that he indeed had potential for being a great safety at Michigan.

Vlad was not as good as Troy Woolfolk in coverage, or as physical as M. Williams in our opinion during the sessions. He was, at the time, the best combination of pass and run defense.

Why is Vlad not playing at this time? We are hearing a number of rumors, but #1 is that an injury slowed his development during the summer and early fall, and the associated swelling lingered for longer than expected. There are other factors that may have held back Vlad, but we will leave that for others to tell. But mission number one here is providing a nice site for all of you to enjoy the ever-growing content and share Michigan sports everyday.

This is somewhat amusing because we understand the common fan questioning us on what we saw, but not the "experts" that are supposable in the loop and knew of our whereabouts at UM.

We hope that more information about Vlad is forthcoming, but continue to enjoy the articles already planned and on the way to you for the end of the regular season. All of us at GBMW wish to thank the readership for the increased support from even just a few months ago. There are really exciting additions that are close to being announced as GBMW approaches the 1 million mark in site visits

And as for the others, if you do not like what we have to say or report, simply do not read GBMW’s blog or e-mails, we are receiving no subscription money from you. Attacking a site and then using the same information (after asking the authors for numerous information beforehand) is not very smart.

As for the 99.99999% of you again thanks so much and this is a great place to debate, offer an opinion, ask a question that many are likely thinking about as well, or dissect the state of Michigan sports.

Thanks for reading GBMW!

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jblaze1 said...

Quick question on keeping RR around (which I am in favor of, by the way).

If another spread Offense coach were hired to replace RR (maybe Kelly from Cincy or Peterson from Boise State or whomever), it seems like the rebuilding process wouldn't take as long on O, and that particular coach would have spread players waiting at Michigan.

In other words, maybe it's not scheme, just bad coaching by RR?

Voice of Reason said...

You have a GREAT site, and provide an EXCELLENT service with your expertise regarding Michigan sports. Readers ask you questions because they know they can get an honest objective response based upon your knowledge of football.

Keep in mind, any time when you're doing such an outstanding job you can expect someone through jealousy to attack what you do. If you weren't worth attacking the other so called "experts" would not waste their time attacking you. As for me, as a casual reader I really enjoy your site and I hope you continue to be encouraged and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom Beaver, are you reading this and paying attention? Snake...

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