Monday, November 09, 2009

GBMW: Why Michigan lost -- The five plays or series

Hello everyone, this is like taking castor oil (for those over 40 who likely did), but here is my list of plays and series that were the game keys. Some of you may have a different read and I/we look forward to hearing/reading what others suppose. Please note, the all too usual missed tackles, poor angles, etc., will not take up space below.

1. The crucial missed extra point miss, how many times have you seen that missing an extra point ends up killing a team. Well count this as another time.

2. In the 2nd quarter, with UM up 24-14, Purdue turned the ball over. UM took over at midfield and had a chance to up by 21 points. When presented with a chance to put an opponent away, do it!

3. UM’s turnover on the option pitch, put Purdue right back in the game. Remember. Last week UM had the ball after the half with a lead and managed to turn the game around to the other team’s advantage.

4. Purdue's successful pooch kick-off and recovery: this led to Purdue’s go ahead TD, UM would never lead again.

5. Two blown coverages led to Purdue TD’s, a 35 YD TD pass to Bolden, and a 54-yard TD pass to Cortez.

As an extra thing to think about, as if anything else is needed, has anyone ever seen such terrible clock management as in UM's last 29 seconds? UM burned 7 seconds on the 1st play and 15 seconds on another. There was little time remaining, but Michigan needed a field goal, not a touchdown. Michigan turned a mission improbable into mission impossible.

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ErocWolverine said...


I think you nailed it and basically stated why we lost and why this team continues to make the same mistakes over and over again.


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