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Mailbag question: Announcer at the game brought up a point

Mailbag question: Announcer at the game brought up a point


Not sure what announcer said it, but one of those guys said that Michigan has came out flat in the second half all year, but he said maybe it is because the other teams know what Michigan is doing and they fix the problems.

So which one is it ... Michigan coming out flat and not playing or the other teams scheme better than Michigan and know what the Michigan coaches are going to do?

Linda T.


Thanks for the question.

We don't think the second half problems are as simple as what the announcer tried to portray. We think it is a combination of several different issues:

1) Is lack of depth, Michigan’s inability to rotate players, especially in the defensive line, makes it easier for offenses to wear the UM defense down.

2) Lack of size on the defense, especially at defensive line and outside linebackers. Opposing offensive lines, like Wisconsin's, eventually start to wear the smaller Michigan defenders down. Worn out defenders can tend to appear to be flat and the first symptom is missing tackles when in position.

3) Michigan lack of size forces them to angle and stunt the fronts. Once opposing offensive linemen figure out the angles and blitzes it allows them to adjust their game.

4) Between Michigan's offensive philosophy and the defense’s inability to get itself off the field, the defense is on the field a very long time. This tends to wear the defense down and, as above, can make the effort appear to be flat.

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