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Mailbag question: Can Coach Rod survive this year?

Mailbag question: Can Coach Rod survive this year?


Can Coach Rod survive this year?

Do you think he will feel the heat and be asked to resign after the season or might it depend on the last several games?

Do you think with Bill Martin leaving this will buy Coach Rod another year no matter what because they will not want to choose another coach before the new AD gets on campus?

Do you see serious changes coming on the coaching staff?

What direction can UM go from here since bad choices can affect this program for the next 5-10 years, if not longer, if the right steps are not taken?

Hank R.


Thanks for the question.

A lot can happen with three games to go in this football season.

1) Yes, Coach Rod will start to feel the heat, and no we do not think he will be asked to resign regardless of how the season ends up. That is our opinion.

2) We think Coach Rod has another year, at least, regardless of what happens at the Athletic Department level. Actually with Martin stepping down, this almost makes it a done deal that Coach Rod will have at least one more year after this year. It is not good protocol to fire a coach, hire a new coach and then bring in a new athletic director, basically forcing the new AD to keep the coach he did not have an opinion on for the hire.

3) We expect there will be some staff changes, how big and who will be affected will be determined by how the last three games go and if it looks like the current obvious problems are being worked out.

4) And yes, not following a logical, structured, well thought out approach at this point could have negative effects on the program for some time.

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