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Mailbag question: Recruiting question and losing games.

Mailbag question: Recruiting question and losing games.


Will this loss to Illinois hurt recruiting anymore is or will it show recruits that they can come in and play right away?

Even though some of the experts on recruiting seem to think Michigan is doing well and others say the coaches are doing a great job, I personally do not see it.

It seems like we are not getting recruits at the needed positions on this team. Further, we are stockpiling slot receivers, running backs, and split ends, but are lacking defensive players in general.

What do you guys think?

Fred B.


Thanks for the question.

At this point we do not see how losing can help recruiting. Especially if Michigan does not get bowl eligible. The glow of Michigan can only last so long with the really elite players. Remember MAC teams recruit three and four star players and land mostly two star players. Yes, there are always errors in recruiting judgment and some players just develop later. All in all, every team needs quality prospects.

Kids want to play for winners and they want to play on the national stage bowl games provide.

They do not want to get embarrassed on national television as Michigan has against Penn State and Illinois the last two games.

Our biggest concern with recruiting is not filling specific needs on defense. We think Michigan needs to land a stud or two linebackers who know how to play the position and not have to learn it for a year or two. Along with an elite level defensive end and defensive tackle. As Doc calls them, plug and play players, not three-year prospects that have uncertain positions.

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