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Mailbag question: Coach Barwis

Mailbag question: Coach Barwis


I have to ask and this is not to slam you guys, but where is the Coach Barwis effect?

We have been told on how great of a strength coach he is, but frankly I am not seeing it.

Yes the linemen are not fat anymore, but it seems like we are getting handled on the offensive and defensive lines lately.

Or is there more to it?

Is player development lacking somewhere else besides the weight room?

Pam W.


Thanks for the question.

No offense taken at all.

We love what Coach Barwis has done at Michigan and we believe he has really turned the culture shock at Michigan around as far as what needs to be done.

The problem is Coach Barwis can only do so much. It is up to the players, coaches, etc. to do the rest. Coach Barwis has always told us when we have talked to him, or seen him at a clinic, that he would rather have the higher rated kids because they have higher potential.

Also we have said that Michigan is now up with the rest of the country as far as dedicated strength and conditioning programs in college football, where it is a demanding all year around deal.

We think the team is definitely improved in the strength and conditioning area.

How many players has Michigan lost to injury compared to last season?

And as you stated Michigan does not have nearly as many large linemen with Dunlap's disease.

We understand your point about Michigan getting the collective fannies whipped at the line of scrimmage; it is a major concern of ours.

We think that has much to do with Michigan's overall lack of size, the defensive line averages about 260 or so a man, and the offensive line is not much bigger.

That was a concern of ours since day one and continues to be.

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Mgoblog non circle jerker said...

Unfortunately, the Barwis hype has made people think he makes football players. He doesn't. He just helps to get players in the best condition they have ever been both in strength and endurance. These two things will help a football player but it doesn't make them a better football player. I think we have enough evidence to after almost two season to see that performing in the weight room doesn't = performance on the field. Barwis is great at what he does but it's unfair and unwarranted to expect him to make players better performers on the field.

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