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Mailbag question: Our defensive staff

Mailbag question: Our defensive staff

No more sugarcoating for me. Just give it to me straight.

Well I guess Coach Shafer was not the only problem with the defense last year. Since he is gone and has been replaced by Coach Robinson.

Will Coach Rod make some major changes on the defensive side of the ball? Can he afford not too?

Our linebackers are terrible and it seems like Coach Hopson is not getting anything out of them.

Our defensive line seems like the only group that has improved this year, but even they do not get a lot of pass rush on the quarterback. They are probably the most talented group on the defense, so will Coach Tall get a pass since he came from West Virginia with Coach Rod?

Our defensive backs are not impressing me either and that includes D. Warren, who some think will leave for the NFL after this season. What do they see in him? He is 10 yards off the ball before the snap. I know you guys took some heat for the "drinking buddies" comments last year, but I am really starting to buy into it. Seems like Coach Gibson has struggled with this group since getting here. Is there another position group he can be moved to since you guys believe he is untouchable?

James T.


Thanks for the question.

We expect there to be some shuffling on the defensive staff. At this point it is difficult to say exactly who will be replaced or who will move on. Here is our take on the defensive staff.

Coach Tall: One of hardest workers on the staff. He is always active and coaching at practices and scrimmages. He is getting solid play from most of his players. There are still too many times our defensive line is having problem at the point of attack. The one problem we have with Coach Tall is the lack of recruiting; at least to us he seems to be nonexistent in securing recruits.

Coach Hopson: Has a reputation of being a very good defensive back coach and is very intense. The lack of development by the linebackers over the last two seasons is troubling. Is it coaching or is it players that were all moved from other positions they have never played before for the most part?

Coach Gibson: Best recruiter on the staff and a former recruiting coordinator. The safety play and development continues to be a sore point, at least to us.

Coach Robinson: A very good teacher and absolutely knows football. We are not huge fans of the hybrid defense as the base scheme. Our hybrids, however, have been among the top performers this year.

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Anonymous said...

Agree with most of what you guys say, but my point is why is it that difficult for people to realize that when our best CB plays 10 yards off the line of scrimmage it is because the scheme calls for it and not because he sucks at football.

Why the heck can't people get this, didn't they watch the ND game where Warren lined up as close as its possible and played bump and run against both Floyd and Tate. Why is that these people with these stupid questions think that maybe the coaches are asking him to help out at S, irrespective
of the results of playing with this alignment.

These folks with immediately feign a lack of football knowledge and try to mask their stupidity. If you don't know or understand something ask politely and don;t come out with stupid fire breathing statements, reflects poorly on you!!

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