Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mailbag question: Does being from Ohio change your thinking this week?

Mailbag question: Does being from Ohio change your thinking this week?


I know you guys are from Ohio, but are you excited for the Ohio State at Michigan game or dreading it this year?

I would not want to be you guys in buckeye-land this week.

Is there anything to get excited about with this rivalry game anymore until Michigan decides not to be at the bottom of the Big Ten Conference?

Tom T.


Thanks for the question.

There will always be something special about the Michigan and Ohio State rivalry.

This is especially so for people like us that live in Ohio and root for Michigan. There are a lot of Michigan fans in Ohio and that is one reason why this game is so special, besides the great players, great coaches and the great intensity in this game.

But we agree it has lost some of the glamour over the last ten plus seasons.

Michigan's dominance over Copper and Coach Tressel's recent record have made the game less than it was in the hay-day of the Ten-Year War with Bo and Woody.

Our hope is that Ohio State, after winning the Big Ten championship, comes out a bit flat and Michigan gets its act together and pulls off a HUGE Upset.

To do that though Michigan must play almost a perfect game by taking care of the ball, keeping control of the game, taking advantage when given an opportunity, getting the defense off the field, and getting the crowd into the game early, because if not it could be a long day and we believe a lot of Ohio State fans will make the trip north and try and take over the stadium.

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