Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mailbag question: Linebackers

Mailbag question: Linebackers


What do you guys think of our linebackers?

It seems like teams are picking on them big time and Wisconsin was throwing right over the top of them all day long or in between them.

To me it seems like Obi hasn't played well all year, but continues to stay in there.

Also, it seems like Mouton turns away from hits or taking on blockers a lot of times.

Can Fitzgerald and Demens be that bad that they do not get much of a chance to show what they can do in a game, or is the reason because Mouton and Obi are older players?

Ken D.


Thanks for the question.

Michigan has not had very good linebacker play since 2006. The backers have not been very physical at the point of attack and have looked lost in coverage most of the time.

But what has us most concerned is the lack of discipline and positional play. Teams that use either a lead fullback or the tight end/H-back as the lead blocker are hurting Michigan. The UM linebackers are also getting hurt with counters and other misdirection packages.

In our opinion linebacker play is the heart and soul of any great defense. Until Michigan's linebacker play improves the defense will be average at best.

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