Monday, November 02, 2009

Mailbag question: Drama

Mailbag question: Drama

Hello Guys

Great blog.

What do you make of all the drama that has swirled around message boards about Coach Rod and Coach Carr debate?

Seems like some sites are creating more drama that is not there or not as much as people want to make you believe there really is.

I heard Coach Rod on the Big Ten Network before the Illinois game this week say that he has gotten a lot of support from former players, coaches (Carr), along with administrators and he doesn't understand all the drama that is being put out there by some people / sites.

Fred T.


Thanks for the question.

In all honesty we think it is a bunch Yak Manure.

This is Coach Rod's program plain and simple. Coach Carr retired from coaching and is doing 100% the right thing staying clear of the entire thing.

He came out the other week to make people happy, but this is clearly Coach Rod's team now and everything that goes with it.

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