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Mailbag question: Fastest way for Michigan to get back

Mailbag question: Fastest way for Michigan to get back


What is the fastest and best way for Michigan to compete again in the Big Ten?

If the Big Ten is really down, like so many say it is, then how long before Michigan can compete nationally against teams like Texas, USC, Florida, LSU, and other top teams?

Harold S.


Thanks for the question.

In our opinion the Big Ten is a very solid conference this year.

It does not have an elite level team on par with Florida, Texas, or Alabama, but the Big Ten teams can compete with most of the other teams in any conference.

There are four keys to Michigan returning to elite school status in our opinion.

1) As our friend MaizeMan has been saying for quite awhile: Recruit, Recruit, and Recruit. Being an elite team requires elite talent, no matter what people say about sleepers. Yes, a team can smartly recruit a few that fell between the cracks (no publicity, late bloomers, etc) but most teams that are great year in and year out are where they are because of great talent.

2) Continuing to enhance and improve player development through the off-season strength and conditioning program will help this team improve. Coach Barwis is one of the best around, but he cannot do it all himself. He needs the coaches to land elite talent and also he needs the players to put the time and effort into the collective program.

3) Limit the number of transfers. Player development becomes an even tougher component to master if players are consistently leaving, resulting in Michigan continuing a dangerous cycle of playing with young players every year and not getting any large amount of experience on the field.

4) Michigan needs to put together and keep a top level coaching staff. A great staff can teach and develop players in a manner that equates to success. One simple example would be players who know what they are to do and where to be tackling, time after time.

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Anonymous said...

So many follow up questions. In your opinion, is the current staff on the right track and, if so, which year do we see the light at the end of the tunnel? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Eroc and co, slightly off did Warren play yesterday?, he had nice position but never turned his head around on that Toon TD, but other than that i thought he was doing his thing as a deep DB....can you guys confirm or send in your grade for him this game?? Thanks

coachbt said...

The offense is heading inthe right direction. 4 good to potential great QBs have been added. 3 good athletes in the Oline were also added. Um also added a number highly skilled RBs and receivers who have the explosive athletic ability needed to play at hgih level. Am not convinved that the defensive recruiting has been as good. Still think it will 2011 before UM makses a seriour run at The Big ten title.

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