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Mailbag question: Recruiting question

Mailbag question: Recruiting question


Thank you for responding to my comments and questions in my e-mail. It was very refreshing to have a rather civilized exchange of views regarding the Michigan football team. I understand that although we may think that the path to a successful team may differ, we both want the team to be the best. Since you provided such a reasonable response to my last group of questions I would like to ask your opinion on recruiting.

Everyone on the blogs is assuming that the recruiting would not be impacted if there is no coaching change, but isn’t there also problems with the current situation that could be almost as bad. If we lose the next two games will the staff be able to keep all the verbal commitments? Opposing coaches are going to go after the recruits citing Michigan’s record, lack of a bowl game and potential changes in position coaches. Wouldn’t the higher rated recruits, such as Devin Gardner, get a significant amount of pressure to change their commitment?

What about next year’s class, how many top recruits are not going to consider Michigan because they don’t want to come to a team that has been struggling? The Michigan name will help some but coaches are going to negatively recruit against Michigan citing the problems with the team and I am sure with the issue of RR being on the hot seat.




Thanks for the question and comments.

In our opinion, wins and loses will always be the #1 positive or negative in recruiting.

Players want to play at successful programs that play in big bowl games and for national titles. We do not see programs comparing their positives of opponent’s weaknesses as negative recruiting.

In fact if UM is not doing that we would be extremely upset!

Committing has become a big part of college football. The recruiting horizon has changed greatly over just the last three years as programs are pushing athletes for earlier and earlier commitments.

This early recruiting and commitment of athletes has had a side effect. It is a dirty little semi-secret that schools do as much pulling of scholarship offers as players de-committing.

Remember Jordan Barnes and Michigan then taking his offer away after he committed?

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