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Mailbag question: Obi Ezeh

Mailbag question: Obi Ezeh



I find it hard to imagine Obi Ezeh playing MIKE next year. Which then begs the question - how do we best utilize his strengths? It seems a lot of people are predicting a move to the quick position. However, how would this impact the growth/development of Craig Roh? In an ideal world, Craig would have red-shirted, and then have shared playing time in 2010. However, we were not granted such a luxury. Do they share playing time at the quick? Who's in on running vs. passing situations? Or does Obi simply replace BG on the line. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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Thanks for the question.

In ideal world 95% of all freshmen would red-shirt.

The reality is with eighty-five scholarships some of the youngsters have to play. And with far less than 85 scholarship players of the 2009 roster, many freshmen played.

We have always thought Ezeh was a better fit at outside linebacker and caught some heat for this viewpoint early on, but lately it seems others are starting to agree. Some were saying Obi was our best returning linebacker from last year’s team and were tentatively using terms like All Big Ten in predicting Obi’s success this year.

In fact when we first saw Ezeh play linebacker, he was being used at strong side linebacker and was very effective.

We could easily see either Ezeh or Roh stepping up and playing B. Graham’s outside linebacker position next season.

This would open the quick position up for the other linebackers. With Leach and Fitzgerald seeing playing time in front of Ezeh at season’s end, it makes sense that Michigan will try to find Ezeh a home that fits his strengths. He does possess much game experience and the Michigan defense needs to use this in a way that benefits the team.

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I would have thought that with a coach as experienced as coach GRobinson, that he would have worked out players like Ezeh in those other spots and thought that each player was currently placed in their best position? If Ezeh was in fact out of position, then he could have rotated with SBrown or BGraham instead of killing the Mike post.

Why wouldn't GRobinson not burn a redshirt and place let's say a stronger freshman in that spot if there was one? Please respond if you can.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, I'm confused. I thought BG played a defensive end position. I've heard comment positively that DE would be a good position for Ezeh because it would enable him to "do" first rather than "think" first, then "do" second. Please clarify the DE v. OLB confusion.

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