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Mailbag question: T. Robinson

Mailbag question: T. Robinson


Great site.

On the year it was great fireworks, at the start 4 -2, then we couldn't light the wick at the end of the year. I'm behind RR 100% he's must pull some magic next year and pull some rabbits out of the hat, like putting Drob#16 all over on O. Good luck recruiting D we need it, fingers crossed some good recruits pick MICH.

What is Terrence Robinson's role, he was supposed to be speedy good I thought? I can't wait for 2010 it is make or break but I'm all in for MICHIGAN.



Thanks for the question.

Agree, Michigan needs plenty of help on the defensive side of the ball and hopefully soon help will arrive very soon.

Yes, we would like to see Denard Robinson used more as well, especially if he is only going to get a couple of snaps a game at quarterback. With a great athlete of this caliber, the staff might as well try him at running back, slot receiver, split end, even in the special team mode, and get one of the team’s best athletes on the field more often.

One thing we would like to see is Denard being used as a decoy as well, since every time he comes into the game the opposing team is keying on him.

T. Robinson has had some injury problems and difficulties learning the slot position. He has shown some skills, he just has not put it all together yet. His size stature has hurt him as well and he still needs to get bigger and stronger. It is too bad Barwis cannot work on player’s heights. Add to the above the fact that T.Rob had trouble catching the ball with his hands during the 2009 Spring Practice Period and the picture becomes clear. Take this a step further and consider that newcomer Kelvin Grady played ahead of T. Robinson.

With several slot receivers coming in, along with Gallon being ready to go, it will be tough for T. Robinson to see significant playing time since he will likely be behind Odoms, Roundtree, Gallon, and possible Grady.

T. Robinson might be one of those players to keep an eye on this off-season.

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