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Mailbag question: Offense not helping the defense?

Mailbag question: The offense is not helping the defense?

Many people on various message boards are happy with the offense so far this season. Can you explain why? To me, yes the offense is scoring points but the offense is also not helping the defense at all by placing the defense in tough situations. Is this a way of fans not wanting to blame the head coach for this mess?

Also it seems like a lot of people are not blaming Coach Rod for the defensive problems either. Why is that? Isn't he the head coach of the entire Michigan football program or just the offense? Is he getting paid 2.5mil just for coaching the offense?

To me the lack of attention on the defensive side is killing this team and also could be the downfall of Coach Rod at Michigan and that especially means recruiting defensive players.

It might be time for Coach Rod to take a little more interest on the defensive side of the ball and maybe make some tough decisions on the current staff, buddies or not.



Thanks for the question.

We are on the same page with you.

The offense is indeed hurting the defense. despite scoring a lot of points. When a team has a weakness coaches usually try and protect it, not expose it.

Had the offense scored after Purdue's second turnover with a short field, Michigan probably wins the game in our opinion. It seems after watching the second half of the last two games; Michigan has lost the killer instinct.

If the offense slows the pace and keeps the defense off the field this helps it. People did not like Coach Carr's system, but one thing it did do was protect the defense, even less than stellar defenses.

If the offense takes better care of the football, this greatly helps the defense. As everyone who has watched knows there have been far too many turnovers over the last month, or so. This, in turn, has greatly decreased Michigan 's chances of winning. During the non-conference schedule, against easier competition, Michigan did not have the problems they do now with turnovers.

We understand that Coach Rod has a system that he 100% believes in, we also understand he is not a defensive guy.

At some point we think Coach Rod has to stop and look at results and tweak what is happening to help protect the defense. And yes, as you mentioned, this does include an emphasis on defensive recruiting.

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