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Mailbag question: The clock is ticking?

Mailbag question: The clock is ticking?


Remember when people use to complain about 3 or 4 losses under Coach Carr? Right now I would be ecstatic with that kind of record. Is that from a fan base that is lowering their expectations just hoping for anything?

I know you guys have said that you believe Coach Rod will be back, but the clock is ticking. With Michigan losing to Purdue and two more games that look like tough games to win I see this team at 5-7 and not much improvement especially in this crappy Big Ten conference that seems to have not many good teams.

Ohio State just waxed Penn State at home, and whom did we get hammered by on our own field? Wow that Ohio State game could get ugly, unless Coach Tressel calls off the dogs like he did 2 years ago when our offense couldn't get a first down.

Fred B.


Thanks for the question.

Yes, we remember those days of only losing three or four games a year and I am sure many of those same fans that did not like Coach Carr would love to get back to those old days.

Much of the fan base has a lot invested in Coach Rod especially emotionally. They were very willing to give him a Carte Blanc honeymoon period last year. This year some fans, not all, are still willing to give him a bit more time, at least another year.

Others who were willing to give a grace period last season are starting to question what is happening with the overall program and the results all have seen lately.

We have not changed our position, when Coach Rod does positive things, we say so, when we see things that concern us we say that as well. We do not believe it has to be all sunshine and lollipops, or all doom and gloom.

Offensively, we see many positives, including an improved running game, quarterbacks who can run and pass, and an offensive line that is in good enough shape to stay relatively healthy for an entire season.

We also see areas of stagnation, this team is still turning the ball over excessively, there are too many dropped passes, and poor decisions making by the quarterback continue to be critical.

Our biggest concern is regarding the defense, and there we do not see any light at end of tunnel at this time.

And yes, we still think Coach Rod is safe for next season, regardless of how this season ends. The only thing is the heat will be turned up for sure next season if the end result of the last two games does not go well.

Possibly (almost certainly) missing two bowl games in a row at a program that has been to a bowl game every year for over three decades will not go over well and Coach Rod will have the added pressure of a new athletic director coming in next season.

Remember when we said with all the drama that has went on for almost two years now that if the program wins games a lot of this stuff goes away, but when you go 3-9 and now 5-5 it does not help remedy the situation.

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Anonymous said...

Right now Michigan needs to go to a bowl game because it gives Michigan about another 15 days of extra practice that they need to get ready for next year. Plus recruits like to know they'll be going to bowl games if they come here.

ErocWolverine said...


We agree with you and actually we got bashed by it for those same comments last year.

Most people last year thought recruiting at that time was more important than a bowl game or they tried to act like a fan and didn't think it mattered.

Well with a young team all the practice can only help. If this team does not win another game they could possible lose out on 30 practices since Coach Rod got here and how much do you think those practices might have helped to learn the schemes and for the coaches to evaluate talent on the team.


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