Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mailbag question: Ripping on assistant coaches on sidelines

Mailbag question: Ripping on assistant coaches on sidelines


Why on earth do we have to see Coach Rod rip into one of his assistants every game about something?

Now it almost seems like the TV crew is keeping a camera on Coach Rod all the time just in case he does something.

What could he be yelling at Coach Jackson for?

It seems like this is becoming an every game deal. Does he not watch himself on TV during the week or have his family watch him and see how he reacts? I did not like how Coach Carr reacted before, but this seems worse.

Jim R.


Thanks for the question.

In simple terms, it is Coach Rod's style.

At the clinic this spring he told us it takes thick skin to coach and play at UM.

That is the type of passion and fire he wants from his staff and players.

We would personally prefer that the staff take it inside and keep “issues” like this behind close doors, but we can understand this is what Coach Rod is comfortable with.

Edit note: As a former college assistant coach. I was lit up about once or twice a year by the head coach. You stand, you listen, you take it, you do not respond, and one minute later the world returns to where it was. In short, this is not a big deal.


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