Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mailbag question: Why not bring Denard in?

Mailbag question: Why not bring Denard in?

Hey guys,

What a sorry performance against Illinois.

I have to ask why didn't Coach Rod try and bring Denard Robinson in on the four plays from the one-yard line?

That to me seems like the best play to bring a quarterback like that in, where he can run it himself or hand the ball off because in most cases you are not looking to pass the ball and even if you do Denard usually can handle the short passing game.

Fred W.


Thanks for the question.

We are guessing that Coach Rod and the staff figured they could get one yard regardless of whom the quarterback was.

Also, we posit the view that changing quarterbacks would add an unnecessary risk concerning exchange and ball handling.

Our question is why did the offense just run off tackle, running the same basic play out of the same formation four straight times?

Why not run a naked boot with a tight end drag off the same look at least once with either a run pass option for Tate? Is Tate indeed still hurt and the shoulder posed a risk of fumbling on a big hit?

Illinois was getting great penetration and maintaining proper leverage, making it impossible for C. Brown to do what he does best, bounce to the outside and out run the defense.

We did not really understand why B. Minor, if healthy enough for one play, did not play anymore, especially in the goal line offense where he is clearly the best option? We understand using Minor on the goal line, because of how he runs, but also thought the UM play calling could have used some more imagination on those four plays.

It was a bad day in drygulch.

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