Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mailbag question: We had a chance to put game away, again!

Mailbag question: We had a chance to put game away, again!


We had a chance to stomp on the throats being up 14 points of Purdue coming out in the second half.

We had the ball and then we tried a fluke option play that Tate threw right into the Purdue's defender.

Then they go down the field and score.

Then they try an onside kick with nobody in the area.

We had a bad series where we was 4th and 1 and then took almost the entire play clock of going for it and then we throw out our punt team with 7 seconds left on the play clock and got a delay of game penalty. Good thing Mesko saved them by kicking a booming kick.

We failed in all phases of the game against Purdue, period!



Thanks for the mailbag comments, Hank.

Besides the things you have mentioned, we would add that Michigan had a chance to put Purdue away in second quarter.

Yes, with Michigan up 24 to 10, Purdue turned the ball over and gave Michigan a short field.

Michigan went three and out, had they scored we expect a different outcome was very probable.

You will have people saying that scoring that many points should win a ball game. But when an offense is given an opportunity to put the game away and they go three and out, and lose all the momentum with the crowd behind them that took away from what Michigan accomplished earlier.

You did not mention a few special team gaffes, like the missed extra point and field goal.

We did think this game was one of the better return games Michigan has had since Steve Breaston. But Purdue gave some good opportunities for great returns.

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