Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mailbag question: Has this team really progressed this year?

Mailbag question: Has this team really progressed this year?


Has this team really progressed this year?

The offense sometimes looks better, but at other times look just as stagnant as last year.

Yes UM is 5-5 and has won 2 more games than last year, but one was against a high school team in Delaware State.

Also UM is 1-5 in the Big Ten so far. We are last in the standings in the Big Ten. Did you ever think that Michigan would be 11th in the Big Ten conference?

Can you imagine going into the off-season not winning a game in Oct. or Nov. against an equal talent level (FBS) of competition? WOW!

Kenny C.


Thanks for the question. We had to stop for a while Kenny, you flat out scared us. We are now somewhat functional so on to the question.

Our biggest concern is team attitude. It showed much improvement early in this season. But the last few weeks this team has lost the edge and giant chip it had on it shoulder early in the season.

We are also concerned that after a fast start this season the team has basically tanked, for a second consecutive season.

This is something that needs to be watched closely in the near future.

We are also concerned with how the defense has played the last few weeks. They are not playing anything resembling fundamentally sound football.

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