Thursday, November 05, 2009

Mailbag question: What the h*ll happened against Illinois?

Mailbag question: What the h*ll happened against Illinois?

Hey guys,

What the h*ll happened against Illinois?

I still cannot believe it and for the life of me cannot still understand it.

I am too p*ssed off to watch the game again so if you guys do can you please explain to me what the h*ll happened. Also, if you do understand what happened you are better men than I.

Greg P.


Thanks for the question.

We are not very happy about the Illinois game either and understand how you feel.

Everybody always knew Illinois had athletes on offense.

If they ever figured it out and regained their swagger (we believe Michigan helped them build), they could do some serious damage.

We just thought Michigan would not let them off the mat and supply the fuel to make them whole again.

What Michigan did was let “Juice” run wild over them (as they have done with a quarterback that was mobile), instead of making him beat them with his arm; they allowed “Juice” to beat them with his feet.

What really has us scratching our heads is our offense completely vanishing. Illinois had not been a very good team on defense and had almost no sacks. Yet Michigan made the Illini defense look like an NFL defense.

The offense looked good and ran smoothly and then five minutes later they looked like they did last year as one of the worst offenses in college football along with the worst in Michigan football history.

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