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Mailbag question: Players or coaches

Mailbag question: Players or coaches


Offensive coaches: where are these guys at?

It seems like they are not getting any better or should we say the players are not getting any better.

Coach Dews seems like he has been a non-factor since he arrived. I really wish we had kept "Soup" on this staff and think it was a huge mistake firing him.

Coach Smith: I am not that impressed with yet either. It seems like Tate has actually gotten worse since arriving on campus. I realize that "Lefty" was not a read-option quarterback’s coach, but I would have loved to have kept him to help out Tate. This is not a knock on Coach Smith, but how can he teach a position of speed and being a mobile quarterback when he himself is not very mobile by being such a larger guy. Again, I am not knocking the guy, but it is hard for me to understand how he can be effective.

Coach Frey seems like the only offensive coach that has improved his position group. Also, they have Molk out who might be their best player. You guys took a lot of heat or your comments in regards to the offensive line, but I am really starting to see it now.

Coach Magee seems like he has the best talent on the team with the tight ends, but they have gotten worse since the season started. Koger seems to have gotten butter fingers and he always used to be able to catch the ball. Also, his play calling in which I do not know if he calls something and then Coach Rod changes it, leaves a lot to be desired right now.

Coach Jackson: I was never a huge fan of his and was surprised that he was retained out of all the guys available. To me he has not improved the position group in many, many years, but he has some of the best talent on the team at his position.

What are your thoughts?

Roger S.


Thanks for the question.

We think that as teams have watched and had time to prep for Tate Forcier, they have figured ways to limit what he does best.

Keeping him in the pocket and off the perimeter has greatly limited Michigan’s offense.

Losing Molk has been a killer for the offensive line. They have not protected the passer very well lately.

The running Backs have fumbled too much and have not run as hard as we would prefer.

Both the tight ends and split ends have had too many drops.

The question becomes how much of the situation is associated with coaching and how much is lack of talent?

For this offense to work, Michigan must control the tempo of the game, and when they have tempo the offense has been almost unstoppable. When the opponent’s defense controls the tempo, Michigan has looked ordinary.

We are “old school” and still believe it all starts upfront.

Until Michigan gets more athletic in the offensive line, this group will have some problems.

We question some of the coaching decisions with the personnel moves. Why is Barnum not getting some reps, he looked very good against Delaware State? Why is M. Shaw not getting a shot, we would have liked to have seen him get some reps in the red zone, along with getting into the passing game?

We are hoping that with the season hanging by a thread we can get a glimpse of the future and some of the young guns can be a part of it.

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