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Mailbag question: Where do we go from here?

Mailbag question: Where do we go from here?


Where do we go from here? It looks like this program has not gotten any better? Is it time to cut our losses and start over again? Would that set Michigan back even farther?

If we go another direction do you try and bring in a coach like a Brian Kelly who runs a similar style of offense to be able to tweak the players that are already here so we do not have to go through what we have had the past two years?

What about Les Miles or Jim Harbaugh, who both have Michigan connections, as a possible coach?

Mike C.


Thanks for the question.

In our opinion switching regimes at this point would be a disaster and even create a worse situation than what we have right now.

A lot might depend on what Coach Rod believes. Does he think he can turn this program around or does he think he does not have a chance? We do not know what he is thinking, or his family is thinking, regarding whether he should resign or keep moving forward and continue trying to improve this Michigan program.

At this point in time what quality coach would want to step into all this infighting and the associated mess right now? Les Miles is a guy, even though he loves Michigan that would probably laugh at Michigan right now because Michigan did not want anything to do with him during the last search.

Jim Harbaugh is another guy who would probably turn Michigan down right about now because he has turned Stanford around and with how Michigan fans treated him with his comments about Michigan previously, we highly doubt he would be considered or want to be considered.

Even if you brought in another spread guy he would want to have his own staff and would more than likely have to switch personnel.

All spreads are slightly different and take different personnel. Michigan, Oregon, Boise State, and Texas Tech all run the spread, but the four versions are very different indeed.

Brian Kelly is a good coach, but right now he has a good/great thing going at Cincinnati and who knows if he wants to leave. Especially considering the expectations are not as high as a place like Michigan and we believe being in an easier conference helps keep him at the top of the rankings and can assure him a place in the BCS almost yearly if his team remains as good as in the present.

That would leave guys that do not have a good track record right now, along with guys that do not have any Michigan ties. To us, currently, it is hard to imagine getting rid of a coach when it has been announced the athletic director is leaving. We believe that Coach Rod will be asked to make some changes and next year might be a make or break year for him under a new athletic director.

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Anonymous said...

What kind of changes do you think Coach Rod will be asked to make? Assistant Coaches? Sideline demeanor?

Anonymous said...

This is what drives me crazy about messages boards, forums, etc. Rod hasnt even had 2 full classes to get his players in. I tihnk people fail to recognize that this is a completely different offense that requires a different skill set of players. Not to mention, we have 2 starting Freshmen QB's...people wake up and be patient. I've been a Michigan fan all my life, but our fanbase drives me crazy

David said...

We can't throw out a coach after 1.5 seasons, even though they've been grim seasons indeed. I suspect that we'll go 6-6, play in a meaningless bowl game, and be much improved next year. The team is very young and, as such, more vulnerable to mental breakdowns. But we have seen patches of promise this year, so I'm not ready to give up yet. But maybe I'll be preaching a different message at the end of the season.

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