Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mailbag question: What else to say than "WOW"

Mailbag question: What else to say than "WOW"

Wow guys,

What else to say than that right now?

Is it okay to be still be p*ssed off even after you went to bed and woke up wanting to punch something?

This is worse than App. St. or Toledo in my opinion because there is no way that a team like Michigan that is supposed to be improving should be losing to a team like Illinois, that most people already kicked to the curb as being dead for this season.

Why does it seem like Michigan thinks it is still on top and can play down to lower level competition even though we are now a middle of the road type team in a bad Big Ten conference?

Ken F.


Thanks for the question.

We agree with you 100% and it is okay to feel like you do.

We agree Saturday was big kick right in the teeth or in another manly spot.

When teams give you hope and then take it away it seems to hurt worse.

We have two big concerns after the loss:

1 Why did eight plays completely devastate this team?

2) Why did not UM put this team away in the first half?

Michigan had the momentum and was controlling the game, and just could not land the knockout punch.

Letting a team, looking for a reason to quit, hang around is a recipe for disaster. And the Titanic sailed Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Worse than App St? Losing to a non-FBS opponent compared to a team that was in the Rose Bowl a cpl of yrs ago and really is a talented team that just didnt put in together until Saturday...

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