Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mailbag question: Worst Michigan team in along time?

Mailbag question: Worst Michigan team in a long time?


Is this the worst Michigan program you guys have seen in your lifetime or as long as you guys have followed Michigan football?

Any thoughts on how bad it is could be, or when it might change around.

Danny R. From Sandusky, Ohio


Thanks for the question and we know how you feel.

This is the worst Michigan has been in our time as Michigan fans (CoachBt is a little more seasoned than ErocWolverine since Eroc is a tad younger). Sure there have been down years, but never like this in back to back years.

We are hoping these two years are the bottom and we all will start to see better days, starting in 2010.

If we/Michigan loses to Ohio State and does not get those fifteen extra practices, it will set the program and player development back again, just like it did last year when we brought up about not getting bowl eligible.

We have been consistent in saying we believe it will be 2011 before Michigan makes a serious run at the Big Ten Championship, sorry to say it, but that is what we see.

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