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GBMW: Coach's Corner -- What Michigan Looks For In recruits

Posted at 8:00am -- 12/1/2009

GBMW: Coach's Corner -- What Michigan Looks For In Recruits

During the past two Michigan football spring clinics some of the position coaches, and Coach Rod, talked about what they looked for in recruits. Mostly this discussion involved the offensive coaches. They went first and used up most of the time, at least according to Coaches Hopson and Coach Tall, who followed and laughed about the loss of speaking time.

Coach Rod:

Here are some thoughts and philosophies expressed by the Michigan staff concerning the type of player current Michigan recruits.

1) Find the right guys and coach them up.

2) Recruit guys who love to play football.

3) Look for and recruit competitive athletes.

Coach Greg Frey (Offensive Line):

1) Find athletic guys who can get to the blocks at different levels.

2) Recruit guys who can play multiple positions; height and weight is not a key factor.

3) Recruit long armed body types.

4) Recruit guys with sufficient intelligence.

5) Recruit guys who understand and comprehend what to do during the play and can then finish the play.

Coach Tony Dews (Split Ends):

1) Recruit guys who want to get degrees and will graduate

2) Recruit guys that love football.

3) Recruit guys who want to compete with seek no promises.

4) Recruit complete players, like a Hines Ward.

5) Recruit athletic Guys, think basketball players or multiple sport guys who are fluid, and have quick feet and hips.

6) Recruit guys with natural ball skills and body control.

7) Height and weight: Recruit smaller athletes that are more dynamic recruit bigger athletes that are more aggressive.

Coach Fred Jackson (Running Backs):

1) Recruit guys with great Vision. Coach Jackson called this trait “keep the eyes on your work.”

2) Recruit guys who possess discipline.

3) Recruit guys that demonstrate acceleration.

4) Recruit guys who believe they will score every time.

Written by GBMW Staff

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